The Chinese Daily News, also referred to as Earth Newspaper, is the largest Chinese magazine in United States with articles and advanced printing methods. The Combined Daily News Group writes Combined Daily Information, United Evening News, Economic Daily News, Min Sheng Pao Daily Information, Celebrity China news Daily News, Famous Monthly, Universal Daily News of Thailand, Asian Daily Newsof Newyork, Oriental Daily News of Vancouver, Oriental Daily News of Toronto, Chinese Daily News of Bay Area, Chinese Daily News of La, and Europe Diary of Paris.

The report also has published products for global meetings' largest number in China among all sites. International followers identify China Daily whilst the significant English-language and most respected marketing in the country. It assists as an important window for China to comprehend the entire world and be understood from the world”. While reporting on China and commenting to the world, efforts are also increasing to improve editing, reporting and circulation sites global to become localized” offshore, and also to march toward being a world-class multiple-system media collection.

Its flow includes the United Nations Headquarters, government businesses of the United States colleges, and Europe, think tanks, banking institutions that are significant and many high tech companies. The new-media, together with the China site as its core of China Daily, has built an around-the- multi-channel, time information distribution system. The iPad program of China Daily was released in November 2009 at App Store, the entire world's largest mobile software software store.